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    The Place de Paris Ophthalmology Centre is a multipurpose facility born out of a collaboration between three doctors with a strong passion for their profession. Treatment and management of almost all ophthalmological conditions.

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    About Centre Ophtalmologique Place de Paris

    The Place de Paris Ophthalmology Centre was born out of a collaboration between three doctors with a strong passion for their profession. Having known each other since their student days, the three decided to go into partnership together in order to set up and establish a multipurpose centre. By combining their subspecialities, main interests and the slightly differing professional experience each of them has, they are able to offer patients a more fully comprehensive set of treatment and condition management services.

    The centre is equipped with practically the full range of diagnostic equipment normally found in hospitals.

    Faced with a growing demand and due to the worldwide success of refractive eye surgery, we decided to add a surgical unit equipped with two laser machines and the very latest in diagnostic technology to our ophthalmology centre.

    Because we are service-oriented rather than profit-oriented, we are very careful to only offer this kind of surgery to those who genuinely require it and to provide patients with honest information about all their options. We provide you with comprehensive eye health treatment and ongoing care services both before and after this type of surgical procedure is carried out.

    • treatment and management of practically all ophthalmological conditions

    • the latest generation screening, diagnostic and treatment technology

    • modern operating room for laser eye surgery (LASIK) procedures

    • cataract and eyelid operations

    • Botox injections

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    • 2006

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