64, Avenue Guillaume L- 1650 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Having spent over 15 years in Luxembourg, Alexandre Frémaux, the founder of the Chiropractic Center, can be found right in the heart of the country. A Chiropractic graduate of the French Institute of Chiropractic and holder of an American doctorate (Doctor of Chiropractic), Alexandre Frémeaux invites you to meet him to treat any problems you might have in the cervical, lumbar or back regions.


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General information

About Chiropractic Center

What is Chiropractice?

Chiropractice, chiropraxy, chiropracty or Chiropractic is a manual practice.

Chiropractic treatment consists of performing manipulations in the cervical, lumbar and back regions as well as on other parts of the body in order to adjust the vertebrae, clear blockages and restore physiological balance. Chiropractice (also named chiropraxy and chiropracty) is primarily used to remedy deficiencies and blockages linked to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system (bones, muscles, nervous system). It also contributes to easing some other forms of discomfort.

According to the Franco-European Chiropractic Society (SOFEC), chiropractice consists of preventing, diagnosing and treating mechanical and real conditions of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system, in particular the spine, and their consequences. The therapies are conservative and primarily performed by hand. The spinal column and the pelvis are the focus of diagnosis and treatment.


Alexandre Frémeaux, holder of a Chiropractor diploma obtained from the French Institute of Chiropractic as well as the American title of 'Doctor of Chiropractice', welcomes you to his specialised clinic to diagnose and treat you.

The chiropractor is a primary care practitioner; he consults patients directly. In countries where chiropractice is recognised, the diploma of Doctor of Chiropractice (DC) allows him to proceed with the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and varied conditions that fall within his field.


The 'Chiropractic Center' carer will be able to proceed with varied diagnoses as well as comprehensive care in order to determine the functional disorders linked to your musculoskeletal system and spinal column.

Identifying functional disorders of the functional spinal unit:

  • Case history

  • Medical imaging

  • Analysis of posture and deformations

  • Static palpation of integuments, muscles, and joints

  • Dynamic palpation of movement

  • Muscular tests (scoring) of mechanoreceptors

  • Osteo-tendinous reflexes

  • Neurological and orthopaedic examination

  • Echo-assisted functional examination (ultrasound)

  • Additional biological analyses

  • Infrared scan

  • Surface EMG

  • Anatomy of the back

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