32, Rue saint vincent L- 4344 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

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Funeral Home in Esch/Alzette and Bettembourg. Professional Service - Available 24/7. Burial - Cremation – Formalities and Administrative Procedures.


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General information

About Pompes Funèbres Brandenburger

Brandenburger Funeral Home

A reliable funeral home in Esch-sur-Alzette since 1897. The business is currently managed by the daughter of the reputable master carpenter Paul Brandenburger, Mrs. Martine Brandenburger, who is assisted by her spouse Patrick Schumacher.

Located in the old city of “Aal Esch”, our showroom offers you a vast selection of different models of caskets for which we use a wide variety of woods.

Furthermore, our clients have the opportunity to choose from five casket models designed for cremation. If you wish, we also offer numerous beautiful funerary urns (in wood, copper, brass, marble, granite, etc.).

We are always at your disposal. We ensure you service 24 hours a day, including Sundays and holidays.

Our International Service

In case of the death abroad of a family member, we will take care of all the formalities required for the repatriation of the body (transportation arrangements, death certificate, Ministry of Health, police, embassy, airport, etc).
We can also handle repatriation of the body ourselves in a hearse.

We can assure you of the same services in the case of a transfer abroad of a deceased person.

Cremation in Luxembourg

Cremation, an ecological procedure, allows us to return the human body to nature in a dignified manner.

According to the law, cremation is equivalent to a traditional burial as of 1972.
The Hamm-Luxembourg crematory offers a pleasant room which allows the family to pay their farewells to the dead person intimately and with dignity.
You need not pay a down payment to cover the fees yourself—no contribution is required in advance.
You also do not need to be a member of a cremation society.
If you wish, you can deposit a document with us indicating your desire to be cremated, accompanied by a document in which you ask to be included in a waiting list.
Come discover numerous beautiful funerary urns in our store (in wood, copper, brass, marble, granite, etc.).

What to do when a death occurs…

  • First steps

You can contact us by telephone and give us the task of handling all the formalities (which we will take care of at no charge).

You can also immediately present yourself at the civil status office of the town where the person died. You will need to present a death certificate established by a doctor, a certificate certifying that the deceased person did not have a pacemaker (only in case of cremation), and the family record book.

Next, bring us or send us the official papers issued by the town administration. We will then inform you of the remaining things required to organize the burial or the cremation. According to the family’s wishes, we will also handle:

  • getting in touch with the stonemason for the marker

  • the editing of the death announcement

  • ordering flowers, etc

  • Additional services

We can provide a list of people to contact after the burial or cremation.

Our Funeral Home has been operating for 50 years in Bettembourg at 1, rue de l'Eau, located next to our carpentry workshop.

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