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Creation of businesses - Initial, continuous and university training - Foreign trade

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General information


Luxembourg's largest professional organization.

With its more than 50,000 affiliated members, accounting for 75% of total employment and representing 80% of GDP, the Chamber of Commerce is Luxembourg's largest professional organization.

The responsibilities and missions of the public institution are clearly defined by the law of 26 October 2010, which grants the Chamber of Commerce great powers but also important duties. Its main fields of activities are :

Services to SME’s :

The Chamber provides advice and assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs, promotes a spirit of enterprise and fosters the simplification of administrative procedures. This mission of consultancy and guidance is mainly covered by the Espace Entreprises, the one-stop-shop for anything related to doing business in Luxembourg. It provides free service and fully assists entrepreneurs in legal, administrative, economic and social fields or within the context of the creation, takeover or transfer of a company.

Legal Affairs :

The Chamber of Commerce intervenes in the legislative procedure by issuing yearly over one hundred opinions on draft laws and regulations related to the sectors of activity represented by the Chamber of Commerce.

International Affairs :

A main mission of the Chamber of Commerce is to promote the internationalization of businesses. To fulfill this task the Chamber organizes economic missions, cooperative fairs, accompanied visits to international trade fairs, shared stands, business opportunity days and many other events to help companies in accessing new markets. The Entreprise Europe Network Luxembourg (EEN) offers assistance in European matters. The Luxembourg Export Credit Agency Office du Ducroire insures the exporter’s risks linked to international business transactions and investments abroad. Its insurance products principally apply to trade markets outside the OECD area.

Economic Affairs :

The main task of the Economic Affairs is to observe, analyze and comment on the socioeconomic environment and to promote a competitive and sustainable development of the Luxembourg economy.

Communication & Media :

The Chamber uses a wide range of communication tools to promote and explain its actions to its members, partners and general public. The main communication tools are the website www.cc.lu, the bimonthly information magazine Merkur, the company news portal www.merkur.lu, the web TV channel MerkurTV (www.merkur-tv.lu), the economic blog www.carlothelenblog.lu and the weekly newsletter.


In response to the ever increasing needs for qualification of businesses and individuals, the Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of training opportunities developed in close cooperation with key players at national, regional and international level. The Chamber of Commerce is also a co-founder of the "House of training", the reference partner for professional vocational training in Luxembourg. By gathering under the same brand the training offers of the LSC and the IFBL - the historic training institutions of the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Banks and Bankers Luxembourg respectively -, the "House of training" offers a very wide range of trainings adapted to the needs of companies, employees and labor market as a whole.

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