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Triggr is the most cutting-edge service user/service provider matching platform on the market.


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General information

About Triggr.lu

Triggr, the most innovative service user/service provider matching platform on the market.

Who has never had the experience of struggling to find a terrace table at a restaurant at the last minute, a locksmith available at a moment's notice, or a mechanic able to fit new tyres at seven o'clock in the morning?

Here's what searching for professional services more or less resembled before Trigger: long searches on the internet, multiple telephone calls made or emails sent in vain, and so much time wasted!

Before finally finding the person able to meet your requirements, you often had to go through a real battle!

Our vision

We want to make life easier by taking the process of putting you in contact with local professionals even further.

Triggr provides a way of finding the right professional without having to resort to the search box. To put it simply, we use information we've compiled on thousands of professionals to locate the one that perfectly matches your needs.

How? Quite simply, by sending your request to targeted local professionals and making it easy for you to manage their responses.

And that’s without mentioning that it's free of charge! And it's accessible from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

How does it work?

Whatever it is you happen to be looking for, Triggr tells you which professionals are most able to meet your requirements:

  1. Select the type of service or specific area of skills/expertise you are looking for (restaurants, dentists, bathroom services, etc.) and specify a location.

  2. Briefly describe your requirements and specify the date by which you require the service.

And that's it! 
You will then receive replies from professionals by email and in your dashboard. 
Using this intuitive dashboard, you will be able to easily manage, classify, compare and add comments to your requests, and make your final choice of who you want to work with. 
Once your choice is made, we take care of informing the professionals involved of your decision.

Still not convinced?

Let us provide you with a few examples to give you a better understanding of the kinds of situations Triggr can help you with. Warning: once used, you'll no longer be able to do without it!

  • meeting an urgent requirement:

    • You're trying desperately to book a table for ten at an Italian restaurant where they’re showing the evening's Champions League matches.

    • You have a leak in your ceiling, it's Friday evening, and you need a plumber immediately!

    • You are going away on holiday shortly and you would like to get an alarm system installed before you leave.

  • save valuable time (or avoid wasting it):

    • You want to refit your bathroom in the next three months and you've had enough of telephoning plumbers only for them to tell you they are either unavailable or they cannot do the work within your timescales.

    • You are looking for a caterer that can provide exactly what you require for a surprise birthday party for a friend or for a works Christmas party.

  • manage your personal and professional projects better:

    • You work for the marketing service of one of the hottest startups of the moment and, in addition to your everyday duties, you're the one who's been given the onerous task of organising the evening launch event for your new service. This is something you simply cannot afford to mess up! With a just few clicks on Triggr, you can contact, compare and compile a list of the professionals capable of making this event a success.


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