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General information

About KoBauLux

KoBauLux S.A. is a company which specialises in building timber frame passive houses.

In recent years, new energy norms have changed construction practice in Luxembourg. Up until 2017, financial assistance for energy ratings from the state of Luxembourg was used for:

New, high performance houses.

From the 1st of January 2017 (the building authorisation request date), all new buildings in Luxembourg must meet the requirements of the AAA energy ratings.

Passive houses (AA energy rating) reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. These timber frame houses are an innovative and high-quality alternative, thanks to materials which improve energy efficiency and to the outstanding wall insulation. The lifespan of timber frame houses is the same as traditional houses.

KoBauLux can incorporate the latest technologies into these passive houses, such as controlled ventilation with heat recovery, heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, pellet boilers, solar thermal collectors to provide hot water and a space heater for the premises.

The advantages of KoBauLux timber frame passive houses:

  • Ecological building system through the use of renewable resources.

  • Significantly reduced construction time.

  • A larger living space, thanks to thinner walls.

  • A safe and healthy environment.

  • Reduced humidity and drying time.

  • More efficient insulation.

  • Reduced thermal bridging.

  • Additional services:

  • Estate agency

  • Home conversion and renovation.

  • Turnkey house construction.

  • Interior design for commercial property.

  • General management of building work execution.

  • Turnkey bathrooms.

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