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Junglinster sanitary control laboratory, Luxembourg. Our strength lies in 3 areas of expertise: Food Hygiene & Safety - Water & Environment - Animal Health

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General information

About Laboratoire Luxembourgeois de Contrôle Sanitaire - Llucs

Established in 1993, and accredited since 2009, the Luxembourg Laboratory for Health Control (LLuCS) rests on extensive experience in three areas of competence:

Hygiene and food safety

Carrying out microbiological analyses of food products

Carrying out chemical analyses of foods

  • Nutritional values

  • Allergens

  • DNA typing

  • Hygiene of surfaces, hands, equipment

  • Ageing studies, shelf-life validation


Carrying out bacteriological and chemical analyses of different types of water

  • Water intended for human consumption

  •  Swimming pool water

  •  Bathing water …

  • Testing for legionella bacteria in sanitary water and waste water (cooling towers)


Analyses of the quality of indoor air

  • Allergens

  • Chemical pollutants

  •  Metals and pesticides

  • Yeasts and moulds

The laboratory is accredited according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard ensuring a quality service in compliance with all requirements.

To complement its range of routine analyses, the laboratory offers more specialized analyses such as :

  • Bacterial identification

  • Analyses of carcasses, nerve tissue research

  • Antibiotics and mycotoxins research ...

And also various client services such as:

  • Onsite sampling

  • Hygiene audits in collaboration with Luxcontrol

  • A local service to ensure speed and responsiveness in handling tests

  • Consultation regarding the test results

  • Technical and scientific assistance


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