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Architecture and urban planning – Creation of public housing and buildings, renovation of old buildings, miscellaneous building restoration, setting home design blueprints and design.

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General information

About Fabeck Architectes Sarl (Up/10801-Ap/10796)

The office of Fabeck Architectes, a limited-liability company, was created in 2012, but it has been in business since 1996 under the name Tatiana Fabeck Architecte.

Competitive service in the following domains :

  • architecture

  • urban planning

  • restoration

  • renovation

  • interior architecture

  • design

Fabeck Architectes is also heavily involved in a number of national and international competitions, and in fact these have resulted in the company putting together a number of proposals.

The company can demonstrate a strong background in the design, development and completion of complex and wide-ranging projects that encompass various function types and that meet environmental certification standards. Our team is experienced in site work as well as in coordinating small and large-scale works, and also has a good knowledge of Luxembourgish legislation.

We also have an internal department dedicated to land-use planning that is working on various urban planning projects, so we are familiar with all relevant regulations.

The importance of energy performance nowadays is such that we have taken the initiative in becoming certificated passive building designers.

The way we use the BIM process to develop proposals means that - aside from the competition process itself - we are able to accurately encompass every parameter of a proposal, and we can in particular model every infrastructure as we integrate the engineers' 3D plans. The BIM process also means that - aside from the design stage - budgetary elements relating to quantities and materials used can be managed at a very early stage .

Our business has been migrating towards a BIM environment (Autodesk Revit) since 2012, and the progressive replacement of 2D (Autocad) tools has meant that structural and MEP data can be integrated into a proposal by modelling it in 3D digital, thereby encompassing a proposal's critical elements at a very early stage (conflicts between static/special technical elements/architecture) and rectifying issues as quickly as possible.

Digital modelling also means that quantity data can be extracted for use in the tender documentation, as well as for proposal budgeting purposes. We are able to integrate material types, prices, technical specifications and all information useful to a proposal directly into the unique BIM file. This can then be exported in IFC format for use within a different software package (such as Archicad or Allplan).

Right from the outset of the research stage, we are able to provide you with a sunlight simulation so that the shade/light ratio of a proposal can be optimised in line with its real environment. In short, the BIM model will contain all of a proposal's information, and can therefore be used by the client for operational purposes.

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