19, Rue de Luxembourg L- 4391 Pontpierre, Luxembourg

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Cleaning service for professionals and private households - 100% organic products - Cleaning of offices, apartments, houses, buildings, windows, parking areas, gardens, snow clearing, ...

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About Genesa

A cleaning company at the service of both businesses and private individuals since 2009

Genesa is a cleaning service for private households and professionals (cleaning of offices, residences, buildings, parking areas, …).

For private households, we have specific teams that are specially trained for cleaning houses or apartments. We can offer you very attractive service packages.

We always work with biodegradable products and our ISO certification demonstrates our commitment to safety and the environment.

We can respond to individual requests, or work on a regular contract basis.

Our services:

  • Cleaning

  • Cleaning prior to an exit inspection

  • Cleaning after completion of works

  • Cleaning after damage occurrence

  • Window washing

  • Garden maintenance

  • Salting and snow clearance

  • Moving

  • Removal of waste or bulky objects

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Floor treatment (marble or granite crystallization, concrete floor treatment, …)

  • Cleaning patios

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