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Domestic and international moving company for individuals and companies - 40 years of experience at your service

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General information

About Daleiden M. & Associés

DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS, confidence and security

Your projects demand an increasing level of mobility.

Whether personally and professionally, your furniture goods need to be relocated based on your activities. At the time of these transitions, entrust your goods to DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS, the moving company that gives you serenity and allows you to concentrate on your activities.

Benefit from the experience acquired by multiple generations of professional movers by contacting us. Our price quotes are free.


VIP moving both domestically and internationally.

Your satisfaction is first priority the of our DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS teams. Whether local, domestic, or international, your move will be performed entirely by our confirmed professionals.

All phases of a move are executed with the greatest care in disassembly , packing, transportation, and reassembly.


Value, encumbrance, weight, specific constraints.

There are many objects that, because of their nature, require particular attention DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS  has extensive know-how in high-tech equipment, safes, and industrial machines.

Consider DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS  for your industrial moves, your special hoisting needs, and for your valuable objects such as works of art or pianos.

Special packing

Preserve the integrity of your valuable items.

The moving of a fragile or valuable object involves risk of damage or deterioration. To reduce the chance of this happening, DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS offers a special custom packing service for your most vulnerable goods.

We create a true tailor-made protective container for each item to be transported. Careful preparation and special suitable packing materials provide a maximum level of security during transportation.

Furniture storage units

Flexibility over time.

Your move or other circumstances may require multiple steps which involve external storage outside your premises.

DALEIDEN M. & ASSOCIÉS  also offers a secure storage service in reinforced buildings with permanent temperature and humidity monitoring.

Intrusion and fire risks are managed by an alarm system continuously connected to a specialized monitoring company.

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