Route de Luxembourg L- 7759 Roost, Luxembourg

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One of the leaders of the Luxembourger furniture market in Roost - A huge selection of furniture of irreproachable quality - At your service for more than 62 years


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About Meubles Marc Scheer

Meubles Marc Scheer, the furniture specialist in Luxembourg

  • Dining rooms

  • bedrooms

  • office furniture

  • living rooms

  • kitchens

  • patio furniture

  • family rooms

  • bedding

  • lighting

  • accessories

  • and decoration

Meubles Marc Scheer, the furniture specialist in Luxembourg (Bissen), has all styles, from charming pieces to designer furniture and even antiques!

Our best offers and our promotions are found each week under “What's new at Mark Scheer.”

And for any additional questions, simply contact us or come visit us!

Meubles Marc Scheer is family business in Luxembourg

A family-run business, recognized since 1955 for its professionalism and the quality of its furniture, the Scheer name has become known throughout Luxembourg.

First in Wiltz, then in Diekirch, Meubles Marc Scheer now welcomes you to Roost, the exact geographic center of the Grand-Duchy.

Come discover all furniture styles: classic or modern, charming or antiques:

  • family rooms

  • side tables

  • dining room tables

  • armchairs

  • chairs

  • double beds

  • children's bedrooms

  • kitchens

  • shelving

  • and even lighting and decoration!

A flexible and efficient delivery service in Luxembourg for your furniture

Meubles Marc Scheer offers its customers a flexible and efficient delivery system in Luxembourg for their furniture.

A dedicated team will deliver and set up your furniture in your home. Meubles Marc Scheer will carry out the set-up of the different pieces and will arrange for power connections through a subcontractor. The old furniture will be recycled according to the legal procedures in effect by the payment of a fee.

If the customer wishes to personally transport and set up his or her furniture, Meubles Marc Scheer will reduce the amount of the total bill and will make a pick-up truck available free of charge, which will be loaded the same day as the the furniture is to be taken. And in case of a problem in set-up, a Meubles Marc Scheer team will be available for assistance.