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The ALEBA is the largest labor union in the financial sector. Every day we defend the rights and professional interests of employees in the sector, and we work to improve their working conditions.

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About Aleba - Association Luxembourgeoise des Employes de Banque et Assurance

ALEBA is a strong and powerful union that has efficiently and constructively defended the interests of employees in the financial sector for 100 years. For several years, the challenges have been numerous in this sector: financial crisis, restructuring measures, outsourcing and social plans. Together, ALEBA and its members have faced them and created the pressure needed to have a successful impact.

ALEBA has a large majority in the financial sector, so it has the status of a representative union in this sector, so it has the right to negotiate and sign labor agreements by itself for banks and insurance companies. Labor agreements for insurance companies closely follow after those of banks, and guarantee employees of the insurance sector working and financial conditions well beyond the minimum imposed by law.

ALEBA promotes and strives to improve social dialog within companies. For ALEBA, confidence and respect are the basis of any employer-employee relationship.

Our union is free and independent in that we depend on no political party and we make our decisions freely without being subject to any political pressure. Only monthly contributions from its members finance ALEBA, which can therefore boast incontestable credibility.

Come and join the community of the top union in the financial sector and with your support, we can guarantee the protection of your professional interests and develop your working conditions for the better!

You will also benefit from free legal assistance in the event of a dispute with your employer or with social security departments, in addition to support from our experts in the event of professional or tax problems.

In particular, ALEBA offers the following services to its members for a monthly contribution of € 9.50:

  • Legal advice

  • Legal aid

  • Training

  • Regular information about our activities through our newsletter ALEBA Info

  • Themed informational brochures

Interested? Fill in this form before sending it to us by mail or email at info@aleba.lu


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