15, Rue de Lultzhausen L- 9650 Esch-sur-sure, Luxembourg

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Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Lake of Esch- sur- sure - Walks , walks in solar boat museum of drapery , fishing ... With family or friends for a sunny day !

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General information

About Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre

Natural Park of the Upper Sure The Upper Sure

Natural Park is located in the northwest region of Luxembourg, near the Belgian border. The landscape is characterized by deep, narrow valleys and forested steep slopes, and a mosaic of fields on the high plateau of the Ardennes. At the heart of the park lies the Lac de la Haute-Sûre, the largest Luxembourg water point, which provides drinking water to nearly 70% of the population in Luxembourg. The surrounding landscape is characterized by wooded hills, waterways and small villages. Non-motorized water sports are allowed on most of the lake and rivers are popular among canoeists. There are many hiking trails, trails around the villages.

The uniqueness of the Natural Park of the Upper Sure

Characterized by plateaus, narrow valleys and wooded slopes, the dam of Lake Upper Sure, built in the late 50s to meet the drinking water needs of the country, has become one of the most popular places to rest or for a holiday, especially during the summer.

To discover the places, nothing like making a boat trip on the reservoir of the Upper Sure with a solar boat. While sliding silently across the water fauna can be admired and fauna of the region, but also listen to the authentic sounds, such as cries of owls, great spotted peaks and gray heron. Local wildlife is of incomparable richness; for example we came across the grisard, kingfisher and the hazel

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