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Distributor of water fountains and Bisphenol A-free water bottles. Distributor of hot drinks: coffee, tea, cups, etc. Quality service for homes and businesses. 50cl water bottles and 1.5 liter water bottles.


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General information

About Lg Lux

1993 - 2013: LG Lux twenty years at your service

LG Lux brings you the water you need!

Bottle coolers or network fountains, the choice is yours. Several hundred offices, businesses, administrations and collectivities have trusted us since 1993, and not for nothing. Indeed, our very full range of refrigerated water fountains is sure to meet your needs, no matter the size of your organization, the surface area of your offices or workshops an no matter your business sector.

We have chosen to distribute products by Mistral, the top French manufacturer/distributor of water fountains, for the quality and reliability of their products.

At the same time, we strive every day to offer you unparalleled quality of service all at the best value on the market: from the selection of consumables to the strict management of hygiene and maintenance, including an ultra-flexible and efficient supply/delivery service, everything is done so that you can (almost) forget that you have a water fountain.


  • Fountain designed for use with standard 18.9L water bottles

  • Discreet line

  • Hermetic compressor

  • Its aesthetics and reliability make it usable in any work environments

  • It includes a disposable tank for perfect hygiene

  • Equipped with a plastic cup distributor

  • Easy installation

  • Only requires electric power

  • The taps are equipped with a sanitary protection

  • Sanitary/safety protection against burns for the hot version

  • The instant locking system seals the water circuit hermetically and insulates it from outside air as soon as the bottle is removed

  • Wheels help you to move it easily

For your office, conference rooms or construction sites, we have a large-capacity coffee distributor. With particularly simple and easy use, one 80g pouch of “Carte Noire” will give you 1.8 liters of pure Arabica coffee that you can keep for hours at the right temperature thanks to its thermal jug.

For the pleasure of a perfect espresso coffee

Our new capsule machine invites you to taste a selection of fine coffees and teas.

  • Stravaganza: the balance of perfection

  • Azzuro: strong and dynamic

  • Décaféinato: pure pleasure

  • Camomille: guaranteed relaxation

  • Black tea/lemon: fresh and dynamic, have a taste

All the products we offer have been selected of course for their excellent value for money, but especially for their quality.

The water in our bottles is real spring water and our pure Arabica coffee will give you complete satisfaction.

Our wide inventory will guarantee supply and delivery as quickly as possible.


With a goal to facilitate your service, we offer two packages for your equipment. Feel free to contact our sales rep and with you, we will find the best package to fit your needs.

No matter which package you choose, maintenance is provided and covered by a contract. It will be performed (with no additional request from you) at regular determined dates.

Finally, with regard to consumables, again, flexibility is key. You are free to manage your orders depending on your needs or you can entrust us with this task, and we’ll completely manage this constraint. Our delivery service will take care of assessing your needs and ensuring that you are always supplied without having to worry about it.

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  • 1993

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