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Luxembourg's number-one trade union – Active at national, regional, European & global level – Always available to assist you wherever you are.

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About OGBL - Siège

Luxembourg's number-one trade union

Currently supported by more than 70,000 members, the OGBL is by far the largest trade union in Luxembourg. With 2,200 dedicated staff representatives, the OGBL is the majority trade union across various commercial and non-commercial sectors. Moreover, with 38 out of 60 seats, the OGBL holds an absolute majority in the plenary of the Luxembourg Chamber of Employees (CSL - Chambre des salariés).

OGBL's mission is to defend the professional, social and economic rights, benefits and interests of its members and of employees in general, whether active or retired.

The OGBL is a multi-professional and multi-sectoral trade union confederation which is active in all sectors of the Luxembourg economy and open to all working and retired employees, regardless of their status, profession or sector of activity. Job seekers, apprentices and students may also join the OGBL.

Financed solely by its members' contributions, the OGBL is a financially and politically independent trade union, as well as being religiously neutral. Executive positions within the OGBL are incompatible with the holding of any political office.

The OGBL is the result of a series of amalgamations within the Luxembourg trade union movement.

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