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Optical Borehole Televiewer OBI52

The Optical Borehole Televiewer OBI52 represents a major technological advance in the field of borehole imaging sondes. The results obtained with this sonde surpass anything previously possible in terms of image resolution, color rendering and logging speed.

The Optical Borehole Televiewer OBI52 provides a continuous high resolution 360 degree oriented image of the borehole wall.
Its applications include:

• Fracture and Stratigraphy Imaging and Characterization
• Replacement of Coring
• Lithological Characterization
• Replacement of Borehole Television Survey
• Casing Investigations More...

Acoustic Borehole Televiewer ABI42

The digital Acoustic Borehole Televiewer ABI42 outputs a continuous power ultrasonic wave train emitted by a rotating transducer for scanning the sidewall of the borehole thus providing an oriented, continuous 360° image of this one. The sonde can be run into a borehole filled with either mud or water.

The Acoustic Borehole Televiewer ABI42 is the ideal solution for customers requiring:

• Fracture and stratigraphy imaging and characterization
• Lithology characterization
• Caliper measurements
• Casing investigations More...

eMind Logger

Connected to your laptop USB port, the eMindLogger becomes the most compact and powerful logging interface on the market. It can handle standard RG6 channel sondes and all electromind high resolution tools such as the optical and acoustical televiewers, full wave sonic and spectral gamma sonde.

The eMindLogger system only requires a personal computer, a sonde and a winch to provide a high quality logging system. At the heart of the eMindLogger is the latest easy-to-use Windows® based application allowing flawless data acquisition. More...

Products :

Optical Borehole Televiewer
Acoustic Borehole Televiewer